A Nile crocodile tries to snatch the prey a group of lionesses

This is the moment in which a three meter long alligator slithered out of a river and tried to steal prey from a very angry lionesses.

The audacious crocodile of the Nile – known by the locals as Fred – it risked becoming prey to approaching two fearsome adult females that eat together with their young.

But as we look at the video and the images we see a brave Fred that he does not flinch in his attempt to try to steal an impala Lions ended up killing.

Absorbed in their food, the big cats needed a few minutes to realize that Fred was going to them and in a moment looks as if it were to succeed as it opened its huge JAWS.

The Lion Cubs worked with caution to avoid become themselves in a tasty meal for the crocodile.

At the end it seems that Fred has managed to snatch a leg of the Impala.


Photography: OLI DREIKE

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