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Posted by pets | 10 July 2011

They are really stupid dogs?? [video]

Without too much trivialise luctuosa tragedy of Sisyphus, I leave here two videos that I've found surfing the net, in which two dogs emulate the misfortune of the myth.
I hope that apart from taking a few smiles, Let us think a little.

In hell, Sisyphus was forced to push a huge stone uphill on a steep slope, but before that it reached the top of the Hill the stone always rolled down, Sísifo had to start again from the beginning.
The reason for this punishment is not mentioned by Homer, and it is dark (Some suggest that it is a part of Minos ironic punishment: Sisyphus did not want to die and never die, but in exchange for a high price, and he will not rest in peace to pay for it).
According to some, It had revealed the designs of the gods to mortals. According to others, It was due to his habit of attacking and killing travelers. Also says that even after old and blind would continue with his punishment.

Had thought the gods, on the basis of a, There is no punishment more terrible than the useless work and without hope.

But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity than denies the gods and lifted the rock again and again. He also judges that all is well. This universe henceforth, without love, seems it sterile nor futile. Each of the grains of this stone, each mineral piece of this mountain in the dark, filled with a world by itself. The effort to reach the heights is enough to fill a human heart.

“We must imagine happy Sísifo.” – Albert Camus

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