Baboons and dogs – ¿Enemigos?

When the baboons living close to people, It is natural to come into contact with pets for humans, including dogs. Sometimes, interactions between baboons and dogs are not at all pleasant and one of the animals involved – dog or a baboon – ends up doing damage. Contrary to popular belief, the mandrill does not have any reason to hurt the dogs if the dogs are a threat to them.

Dogs are territorial animals, baboons are not fighting for territory with animals than baboons, in fact, they observe and play with the dogs who are familiar.

Dog Tiger attacked by a pack of baboons - Photo by zimbabwebound

Most of the time, When are dogs injured by the baboons, as a result of struggles initiated by dogs. Usually, the initial reaction of a baboon before a dog is escape or simply ignore him. However, If a dog attacks or threatens a baboon, the Baboon is likely to respond with aggression, ya que está tratando de protegerse a sí mismo.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, mientras que los babuinos no son carnívoros ni depredadores naturales, they sometimes kill and eat small animals such as hares, pequeños antílopes, or lizards. Like this, Although we do not know of cases that are given, It is important to bear in mind that a very small dog, possibly, It can be seen by a baboon as a potential meal.

Keep the dogs away from baboons

Wherever possible, try to avoid any interaction between dogs and monkeys.

In the Baboon territory:

  • Do not walk dogs in areas where it is known that baboons reside. A menudo hay leyes que prohíben sacar a pasear perros en las áreas del parque donde viven los babuinos, These laws exist for a reason and it is better for the safety of dogs and monkeys follow these rules.
  • If you have to walk with your dog, where lie the baboons, at least keep the dog on a leash at all times.
  • If your dog always escapes and pursues or attacking a baboon, call your dog immediately until the fight intensifies.

Nunca envíe a su perro para ahuyentar a los babuinos, the most likely outcome is the injury of one or two animals. The fights between the two species often end with the death of one of the animals involved.

Shahrina Chowdhury

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