A research laboratory Beagles see the Sun and the grass for the first time.

They have lived all his life in a research laboratory. These hounds have only known the confines of metal cages. They have never been in the open air, they have not olfateado herb, the trees, the Earth, they have never seen the light of the Sun, they have not run after a ball thrown by his human companions of games or have interacted with other members of their species.

At last, After years of being punctured and operated, the Beagles are free. The Organization assemble (Animal Rescue, Media & Education) He received a call from facilities undergoing with the dogs in which announcing them their release after having been used in various tests.

They are now all in homes. A happy ending to a sad story.

Visit the website: beaglefreedomproject.org, to know more about the Beagles project released.

Please don't buy products tested on animals! You can now see their faces ….. buy only products that have the cruelty-free symbol ..

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