Ciccio, the dog who waits daily in the Church for its dead owner


The dog had been rescued from the street and adopted by María Lochi, He died two months ago. Since then, the wait daily in the temple where she attended, the Church of Maria Asunta, in the town of San Donaci, in Puglia.

Ciccio, a German Shepherd's 12 years every day you are going to the Church which was his mistress, He died two months ago, and stays there for several hours at the wait for her return.

The place is the Church of Maria Asunta, in the town of San Donaci in Puglia. The dog continues to visit the place, waiting for the return of his mistress. “Just listening to the bells or get the hearse, the dog enters and remains in the coffin as if the owner could resurrect”, said a witness to the Il Messaggero newspaper.

Ciccio was a dog that was in the street until the deceased woman, Maria Lochi, rescued him and adopted. “Protects it all the people, feeding and petting as an emblem of faithfulness”, added the witness. The strange behavior of the animal made that the cure of the workplace napping an exclusive space in the parish so that he can be quiet.

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