Five years of friendship between a dog and a bird – Video


Ago 5 years a dog and a small bird met in the Park, since they are inseparable.

Momo walked with his master Park one day like any other, then began to bark. The dog had found a hurt bird unable to fly.

Mr Yamashita helped the little bird and named Suzume. Although Yamashita took care of the bird in the hope that it would recover and later return to their habitat, Suzume managed never to fly again.

It was then that Yamashita decided to take a special course to learn the special care that needs the bird.

At the beginning Yamashita feared that Momo hurt to Suzume, or even that I would eat it, but the opposite happened.

Momo is very protective and is always on the lookout for Suzume, so the bird is never separated from his side.

Momo, the dog, and Suzume, the little bird, they play all day and together with his master, Mr Yamashita live in Chiba Prefecture, all as a sui generis happy family.


Via: sdpnoticias

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