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A bitch, call Dora, reunites with her owner after being missing 7 months.

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They were seven months without seeing his family once he is frightened by Fireworks and fled werecat.
7 months is a long time for an animal. She probably feel abandoned and don't understand how anyone was going to seek the refuge that gave him shelter.

The workers of the shelters are saturated and can not spend too long an animal in particular, and it's not because they don't want it, are too many dogs that claim attention.

After 7 months of not seeing his family, your first reaction is of submission. Ella había estado demasiado tiempo en una habitación con un montón de perros que ladraban constantemente. They are not quiet places.
Al final del vídeo, It shows happiness, licked the face a couple of times to its owner and struck the tail.

It is important to put the chip your pet.



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