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Cattery in Norway – Kennel IMRUN

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Imrun is a small and friendly Norwegian cattery.

I am the owner of the Imrun kennel and my name is Ingunn Axelsen, my daughter, Emmie, she is also co-owner of all the dogs in our kennel and lives in Oslo with her husband and son.

We live in the county of Hedmark not far from the city of Kongsvinger and not far from the Swedish border.
I have 8 Affenpinschere living here with us. We also have other dogs, but they live with co-owners, friends and family.

Every day, in both summer and winter, I take the dogs for a walk with them during 1-2 hours. Usually we walk in the woods where the dogs can run free or in summer we go to the Glomma river and bathe. I also carry 2-3 of them to the city 4-5 days a week to train them, that they meet people, learn to walk around the city with all the traffic and noise.

All the dogs live at home with me and are part of the family and do the same as the rest of the family, they lie on the sofa and watch tv at night with mom.

Cattery in Norway – Kennel IMRUN

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