Pomeranian breeders of race in Spain

Pomeranian breeders breed

The Pomeranian, Deutscher Spitz;, Pom-Dog or Deutscher Zwergspitz It is a dog of the Spitz family, named for the region of Pomerania Central, Eastern Germany, and is classified as a dog Toy because of its small size.

The ancestors of the Pomerania were Iceland and Lapland sled dogs, He came to Europe because of Pomerania.

The region of Pomerania, washed to the North by the Baltic Sea and bounded westward by the island of Rügen and on the East by the Vistula River, It was occupied by many peoples, Celtic, Slavs, Poles, Swedes, Danish and Prussian. Its name comes from Pomore or Pommern, what it means “by the sea”, and it was given in times of Charlemagne. Is in Pomerania where the Spitz won fame as a pet and dog work.

Dog breeders improved fur and adapted to the dog to urban life, but the Pomeranian still weighed more than 10 kg to arrive in England.

The reduction of size of the animal and the development of its variety of colors is attributed to breeders, following methods of trial and error and by applying the genetic theories of Gregor Mendel. The current Pomeranian is small due to selective breeding, but retains the robustness and coat typical of dogs in cold climates.


Recommended List Pomeranian breeders breed Spain

  • bullets Villa – Breeder breeds: Boxers, Pomeranias, pugs, Maltese and Chihuahuas – Affix: BALASVILLA.
    Contact: Javier Villa – Telephone: 662 676 056 – email: [email protected], (Murcia)

Carlino breeders breed Esapaña

Carlino breeders breed

The Pug or Carlin (also known as Chinese Pug, Mops, Puggu) is a breed of dog miniature with wrinkled face and a body of small to medium-sized, originating in China.

This breed is often summarized as "multum in parvo" (much in little), describing the personality of the Pug related to their small size.

The word “Pug” It may come from old English Pugg, He is a loving description would be something like as a small demon playful or mono. Pug puppies are called Puglets.

The Pug dog breed, has very ancient origins. It was raised and selected in China, country in which was the favourite dog of officials. It is also a very popular breed of dog in Holland and England.

In fact, England claimed the patronage of la raza, since they had been for years an excellent job of selection. At last, part of the patronage of the race was awarded to Great Britain.

This wrinkled and funny puppy, He was a faithful companion of the ladies of the 19th century in Italy.


Recommended Breeders of race Carlino Esapaña list:

  • bullets Villa – Breeder breeds: Boxers, Pomeranias, pugs, Maltese and Chihuahuas – Affix: BALASVILLA.
    Contact: Javier Villa – Telephone: 662 676 056 – email: [email protected], (Murcia)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders

Creators list Cavalier King Charles spaniel in Spain.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel It is a small dog for active and cheerful temperament. It is a small breed of dog of water and it is classified as a Toy dog for canine clubs most. It is one of the most popular in United Kingdom races. Since the year 2000, It has been growing in popularity in the United States.

Its main function is the company mascot. This dog is noble and friendly with all people. An excellent choice as a companion dog that does not require to be guardian. It is very easy to train.

It is a dog that appears in the 16th century paintings.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders

  • Mar Salinero Jara – 28460 The mills (Madrid)
    Affix: No Somosaguas 17726
    In Facebook add to group: “Cavalier King Charles ESPAÑA”
  • Pinar del Jaralón (Breeders Cavalier King Charles Spaniel since 2003).
    Tel. 672 297 354
  • Nicoleta OpreaCherish Me Cavaliers (FCI official breeders with afijo 22487) – El Boalo (Sierra de Guadarrama) Madrid.
    Tel. 91 857 4276

Chihuahua breeders in Spain


The Chihuahueno (also known as Chihuahua out of Mexico), named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, place where it was discovered and domesticated from the wild, In contrast to the belief that exists in some countries that the dog gave the name to the State already that the word “Chihuahua” It means "dry and sandy place" in rarámuri, language of the people Tarahumara. Although it is known as Chihuahua, the official name of the race is Chihuahueno; Chihuahua is the name adopted in United States for the race.
It is believed to be descendants of a race Isla Hispaniola, similar but slightly larger, associated with royalty in the Toltec civilization known as Techichi (found remains of small dogs in ancient tombs in Mexico).

Photo: I found a new puppy to take pictures of, you’ll be seeing a lot of him. – Chihuahua By Danielle deLeon (originally posted to Flickr as Degaen) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  • recommended list of breeders Chihuahua.

Golden Retriever breeders in Spain

Criadores de Golden Retriever en España


The Golden Retriever, It is a relatively modern and popular breed of dog, in United States and Europe. It is thought that you ran in the United Kingdom and more specifically in Scotland about the year 1850, but mixtures produced for this breed is not yet known.

The characteristics of dog, You bet that, among his ancestors there may be some of Hound, Bloodhound and Water Spaniel, genes that have made it an excellent hunting companion for his tracking skills.

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List of breeders of Golden Retriever

Recommended and recognized by the Club Spanish of Retrievers and the FCI:

  • Golden Retriever breeders in SpainOlympus gold – Breeding exclusively and family of puppies Golden Retriever in Spain in a professional manner, responsible and family. Members of the official club of Golden retriever Spain. We exclusively breed puppies of Golden retriever with all official health tests of the Golden retriever (Puente Genil)


    – TLF: 607 411 413 – 685 412 607
    – email: [email protected]



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Soto de Riofrio


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Photo: Golden Retriever By Dirk Vorderstrasse (Golden Retriever Carlos) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Bichon Maltese breeders in Spain

Bichon Maltes

The Maltese is a breed of dog Spaniel type small size. Its origin is often placed for more than 2.800 years, on Meleda island, and the earliest reference we have on the race are those we, possibly, the Egyptians. Some Pharaohs tombs have appeared statues that remind us to the Maltese, in 13th century BC. In the 4th century BC, Aristotle makes mention of these dogs, "to those who put the name of"dogs malitenses“.

It is depicted on Greek ceramic pieces and is mentioned in the writings of many poets and Roman historians. Are mentioned from the time of the Roman Empire and it is perhaps known from before. The Maltese It may be the most ancient European faldera race. It is known that she was taken to various places on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Photo: By ManuelFD (Own work own source) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Recommended list of the Maltese breeders.

Spain French Bulldog breeders

Criadores de Bulldog Francés en España

The French Bulldog It is a small breed of dog originating in England, established as such by the end of the 19th century. However, Despite its name, America and Great Britain have played important roles in the development of this breed. These dogs tend to be nicknamed "Clowns" or "Frog dogs".

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Breeders Ca Bou or Dogo Mallorquin in Spain

Criadores de Ca de Bou o Dogo Mallorquín en España

The Majorca Mastiff or Majorcan Doge, It is a breed of dog native of Mallorca, Spain. The molosser is related to the Dogo Canario (Canary dog of prey).

According to historians of the race, in very ancient times, dogs often accompanied their masters in commercial and cultural exchanges, by sea between the different peoples of Mediterranean waters.

The role of the dogs, years. At that time, It was the defense against possible attacks of pirates and Buccaneers more than once suffered by merchants in the coastal ports.

Then, the dog that was used for such tasks of guard was the so-called Doge of the Iberian Peninsula.

In the 18th century, as one of the consequences of the Treaty of Utrecht, Minorca became a British colony. (Read all about the race…).

Where can informarnos…

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