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Alaskan Malamute breeders in Spain

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Criadores de Alaskan Malamute en España

El Alaskan Malamute (also called Alaskan Malamute) Dog is a native of the Arctic, and one of the oldest breeds in the sled dogs. It's a dog with a strong appearance, strong, with good musculature. It is capable of carrying significant weight (until 20 kg) for tens of kilometres.

His presence, always with the head-up, It gives some impressive aspect that, However, It is not at odds with a very friendly and playful character with their owners, although it gives the impression of being a very serious dog to anyone who does not know the breed. Its normal height and weight vary from 60-65 cm on the cross and 35-40 kg for males, and 55-60 cm and 30-35 kg for females (Read all about the race…).

Where can inform us…

Rio Negro neighborhood, 9. 39795 Escalante (Cantabria)
Phones: + 34 942 64 23 89 Email: CEPN@CEPN.org

Alaskan Malamute breeders recommended and recognized by the Spanish Canine Association of Nordic dogs and Akita Inu:

Alaskan Malamute breeders in Spain

5 thoughts on "Alaskan Malamute breeders in Spain”

  1. Would love to adopt two huskies. Its freezing cold here in winter..in .which conditions they appear to thrive. Any rescue or foster dogs available ?

  2. I want to know if they Malamute puppy, the price and if you can send to Jerez de la Fra. (Cadiz)

  3. Thank you for including me on the list 🙂 I have come to your website looking for the affix of a person I met this weekend at the dogshow Madrid.

    I would just like to make a point: the MALAMUTE You can never have blue eyes; therefore the photo above is not correct 😉

    Greetings and congratulations on the web, very complete.


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