Collie breeders of short hair or Smooth Collie in Spain

Criadores de Collie de Pelo Corto o Smooth Collie en España

The Collie of short hair or Smooth Collie (It means smooth Collie), It is a breed of dog developed originally for herding. It's a variety of Border Collie. Some canine organizations, copies of soft hair and wire-haired, classified them as variations of the same race.

The Smooth Collie is - mainly- a family pet, You can compete in obedience, agility, grazing trials, and other canine sports.

They get along well with children, they tend to harmonize well with other animals that live in the House, they usually mix well with other dogs (Read all about the race…).

Where can informarnos…

Collie Club of Spain

Email: [email protected]

Collie breeders list of short hair or Smooth Collie recommended and recognized by the Collie Club of Spain:

Currently, There are no breeders of Smooth Collie in Spain. We called the Collie Club of Spain, to contrast the information.

They have also told us that in Spain there is no copies of the race even, several years ago there was a races Collie breeder located in Madrid had two copies, but they will already be old folks.

If you see any issue may be with English or French tourists… It is not a dog who has had much fame in our country, However in England or France, for example, they tend to be quite often.

If a reader is committed to having a Smooth Collie let them websites and email France and England breeders:


Collie breeders of short hair or Smooth Collie in Spain

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