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Smooth Collie
Escocia FCI 296 . Sheepdogs

The Smooth Collie, today it is considered a variety of Border Collie in countries such as the United States and Canada


The Shorthair Collie is a breed of dog originally developed for grazing. It is a variety of the Border Collie. Some canine organizations, to the copies of Longhair and shorthair, classified them as variations of the same race.


The early history of Smooth Collie, like many breeds of dogs, It is largely a matter of speculation. The most common opinion of the breed is that they are descended from a population of sheepdogs brought to Scotland by the Romans in the 5th century. (See more information about the breed »Collie”).

The modern history of both Collie, the Smooth Collie and the Rough Collie, It began in the reign of Queen Victoria, He turned his attention in the dogs of the shepherds and ordered that they bring to their balmoral castle in Scotland, some specimens. In 1860 years. At that time, the interest of the Queen, made the breed fashionable Smooth Collie. Thus began the transformation of the farm dog breed, similar to modern Border Collie, Pet highlighting its aesthetics and preparation for dog competitions, sample, for example.

The Smooth Collie, today it is considered a variety of Border Collie in countries like the United States and Canada, which means that they can be crossed and in the statistical registers, are registered as “Collie” without specifying if it is a Rough Collie or a Smooth Collie.

In other countries, such as United Kingdom and Australia, they are classified as separate breeds, but for a very short time, the UK Kennel Club allowed the two varieties to be crossed until 1993.

Physical characteristics

The Smooth Collie it is a medium-sized dog pulling a large, the females measure of 56 to 61 cm. to the cross and the males of 61 to 66 cm.. Y, they weigh in 20 to 34 kg. Standard breed size varies by country, is the far larger in the range United States and Canada, and the smallest elsewhere.

The Collie's short hair is slightly longer than high, with a straight back and a deep chest. The characteristics of the head, especially of expression “sweet”, are considered very important in the ring. The breed has long snout, the flat skull and semi-erectas ears.

The layer is two-fold, one is soft and dense stuck to the body, and the outer layer is smooth and hard for a length of 2,54 centimeters, with the most dense hair around the neck forming a collar, and in the back of the thighs. The coat requires a weekly brushing. Unlike other Collie, It presents non bangs…, the hair is short.

The coat of the Smooth Collie it can be of the following colors:

  • Sand: the colour of the famous Lassie, that it goes golden light to dark mahogany. With white areas on the chest, neck, feet, legs, and the tail.
  • Tricolor: black, with spots of color fire and white. With white areas on the chest, neck, feet, legs, and the tail.
  • blackbird blue: that color is a gray marble silver black with spots of color fire. With white areas on the chest, neck, feet, legs, and the tail.

Character and skills

The Smooth Collie is generally a sociable dog, easy to train family. Although it is not an aggressive breed, It is always alert and barking when he noticed something unusual, It is therefore a great watchdog.

Dogs Collie -usually- they are agile dogs, assets and need regular exercise. It is easy to train, due to their high intelligence and eagerness to please their owners. The formation of this breed requires exclusive dedication and patience, they are sensitive to correction and hide if they feel badly treated or it sobre required.

They get along well with children, they tend to harmonize well with other animals that live in the House, they usually mix well with other dogs.

The Smooth Collie is-mainly- a family pet, You can compete in obedience, agility, grazing trials, and other canine sports. Some are still used as herding working dogs. (but less and less). They are also very useful as assistance dogs for people with disabilities..

It has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

Type and recognitions:

  • FCI CLASSIFICATION:Group 1 –> / Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs). Section 1 –> Sheepdogs. Without working trial.
  • FCI 296
  • Federations:
    • FCI – Group 1 Herding dogs, Section 1 Sheepdogs
    • ANKC – Group 5 (working dogs)
    • CKC – Group 7 – Herding dogs
    • ​KC – Pastoral
    • NZKC – Working dog
    • UKC – Herding dogs

FCI breed standard "Smooth Collie"

FCIFCI - Smooth Collie

Alternative names:

1. Collie, Smooth Coat (English).
2. Colley (French).
4. Collie de pelo curto, Smooth collie (Portuguese).
5. Pastor escocés de pelo corto (español).

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