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Posted by tiadoc | 18 March 2012

Saluki breeders in Spain

Criadores de Saluki en España

The Saluki, commonly known as the Royal dog of Egypt, It is perhaps the oldest known breed of domesticated dog and the oldest in the venátici, It is believed descended from wolves in the wilderness of Ara. The Bedouin are highly valued and use them for hunting gazelles and as pets.

The Saluki is a dog reserved with strangers, but is neither nervous nor aggressive. Worthy, intelligent and independent. It has a great capacity for learning, instinct for protection, Guard instinct, herding instinct, hunting instinct, certain level of aggressiveness, a tendency to bark, but it adapts very well to living with other dogs and living with children (Read all about the race…).

Where can informarnos…

Spanish club of Salukis and greyhounds Afghans
Avda. Thomas L. Victoria, 18-D. 43850 -Cambrils, Bay (Tarragona)
Phones: + 34 977 36 86 79 / + 34 639 01 42 66
Fax: + 34 977 29 25 27

List of Saluki breeders recommended and recognized the Spanish Club of Salukis and greyhounds Afghans:

  • Caravan (Alicante).Lotta Brun – Tel.: 649562830
  • Cedilha (Malaga). Francisco Moreno Núñes – Tel.: 696943942. Email:
  • CHA ’ BA (Madrid). Marta Reder Gadow – Tel.: 658851548
  • Eyes Gazing (Barcelona). Rosa Martin and Drina Stojsic – Tel.: 615023049
  • Hyrkanya (Madrid). Enrique de la Morena – Tel 645 997177 / Email:
  • Rambl Abied (Valencia). Charles Schmid- Tel.: 695190242
  • Shikarah (Madrid).David Allan and Javier Blanco – Tel.: 918719473


Saluki breeders in Spain

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7 comments on “Saluki breeders in Spain
  1. myrna marin says:

    I'm dying for a Saluki, I would like to know where what you could get…

  2. Hi I would like to know where to get a saluki thanks

    sincerely daniel

  3. Alejandro says:

    Hello I could say as are you known to the breastplate that has the dog of the image, Peto I refer to fitting fabric that has back

  4. antonio says:

    Hi I would like to buy a saluki as I can get it

  5. Meyer says:

    pure rasa Saluki puppies available
    born in Germany in September 2016

  6. Then says:

    How can I buy a Saluki??

  7. lucky says:

    Saluki is offered for stud

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