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Jonny and Xena: The beautiful story of friendship between an autistic child and a dog


The family of Jonny Hickey an eight-year-old boy, isolated and lonely because of autism who suffers, adopted a puppy and thereby change the life of the little Jonny and the lucky Xena.

Shortly before the dog came into the life of the little Jonny, the puppy was taken to an animal shelter in the State of Georgia.Con effort and dedication, the shelter workers managed to revive it. His recovery was progressive and surprising despite the State in which it was. She had been eaten by fleas and couldn't walk., She was abandoned to their fate, was dying and skeletal, the puppy is a mix of Staffordshire Terrier and Pit Bull who was named after the television series Xena,(Warrior chick) .

The day jonny's mom Linda picked up Xena from the shelter to take her home, went through the school of Jonny. The small drew a huge smile on his face and then melted in a flood of affection.

Today, after a few months, the mother of the child has no doubt that the child has never been happier . He began to speak, sing and demonstrate, for the first time, interest in the world that surrounds you. The family has spent thousands of dollars on therapy for Jonny, which after all could be replaced by another remedy, much simpler and cheaper: the loyal friendship that only a dog could offer.

In order to promote healthy relationships between children and animals , Xena and Jonny have some videos on YouTube and facebook where shared photos of their beautiful friendship one page

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  1. It is a very beautiful story.I love the puppy and are than they are able, when they love his Dios the blessed diene much to Johnny and his friend.


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