The incredible story of a dog who lives with his owner, in the cemetery

Since his master died He left the House to be close to the, Although no one told where were the remains. Every day, to 6 in the afternoon, lie next to the tombstone and refuses to return home

Few days after the 24 in March of 2006, When Miguel died, Captain decided to leave the House where he lived, in the Cordoba town of Villa Carlos Paz. The dog that he had brought home as a surprise for your child, Despite the lukewarm opposition ofVeronica, his wife, was no true direction the unacceptable absence of his master.

At the time, sniffed every corner and went. "It was a time living outside", metres, "a half a block from the House", Veronica has.

Obviously, to see that Michael did not return, the dog, a mestizo with some German Shepherd, It was to seek. Clear to see that it was no longer in the street, Veronica and her son, Damian, they thought it dead, or adopted by another family.

However, their destination was not none of them than they could imagine:"When they went with my son to the cemetery", We find it there. Damian began shouting that he was captain and the dog approached us to barking, "as if you cried", Veronica told the newspaper The voice.

When it was time to return to the home, both wanted to recover captain, with the idea that heat and the safety of the home. But after several frustrated attempts to drag it to the House, they accepted his desire. Captain remained in the cemetery, with Miguel.

Nobody even explains how, If Michael died in the hospital of Carlos Paz and his body was moved from there to a House velatoria, far away from your home, the dog knew where rested the remains of its owner. According to the story of the family, that day or any other dog followed them to the cemetery.

"The following Sunday we went back to visit the tomb of Miguel and the dog was there". This time we followed, in the return, because we had been walking. "He stayed awhile with us at home but later returned to the cemetery", Veronica has. Today, definitely, the cemetery is home to captain. And thus endorsed it several testimonies.

Marta sells flowers there and ensures that the dog came in January of 2007. "He had a broken front leg". We call the veterinarian, We gave him anti-inflammatories and boys splint you leg. "Made love and eat what we give", says.

"You see that he loved his master", for many years it is here. He goes home, but again. "Many times wanted it to lead but coming here", notes.

The reluctant Veronica to the presence of an animal in the House, supports that it now produces you much emotion verlo. "Everyone tells me it's a great story". I believe in the fidelity of the dog. But now I see it with much more affection. It gives me much tenderness. I'm never going to compare with my husband but I feel he is with my husband”, Express.

His son, Damian, now 13 years and also was the owner of the dog, but accept his will without rancor. "When we brought it was young". "I was a kid and I found myself with the surprise that my dad had brought this gift", recalls. "I wanted to bring home several times but he returns to the cemetery". If you want to be there, I like to stay: "you are caring for my dad", ensures.

One morning, Captain arrived at the House around the 4. "There were relatives and one of them told me they played the door". When I left, I saw him. He entered, "he stayed for a while but then he wanted to go", Veronica has.

Hector Baccega He is the director of the municipal cemetery of Villa Carlos Paz. It not only gives credence to this story, but that also, Adds an element that makes it even more amazing: "The dog appeared here only and gave laps by the cemetery", until he also came to the tomb of its owner only. Didn't it take anyone up there. And that's not all: every day, at six o'clock, you are and will lie against that Tomb”, accurate.

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