A dog is released to the passage of a train and saves the life of its owner

Holding the body of his master with the jaws, He dragged it out of the way

A dog breed alimbay (Pastor of Central Asia) at the expense of his own life, saved his master's, He fell asleep on the train tracks in the city of Karaganda in Kazakhstan.

The man had decided to commit suicide, and to make it more easily, It is drunk before lying on the railways, where finally fell asleep. Realizing that the train was approaching, the dog, all that time remained close, jumped the tracks and holding the body of his master with the jaws, dragged it, leaving it out of the reach of the train. Unfortunately, the animal did not have enough time to remove their hind legs: the train passed above, Despite the fact that the driver was to stop as soon as he noticed that something moved on tracks. The dog died on the spot. The man, saved by his faithful friend, He was taken to the hospital, where doctors identified him. It turned out to be an unemployed person, of 48 years of age, What, as he explained later, He decided to end his life because "he had had enough of everything"”.

Source: actualidad.RT.com

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