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    Posted by pets | 6 October 2011

    Lukanikos, the anarchist Greece dog

    Photo: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

    Today's protests came back to take the streets in the capital of Greece, After several months of demonstrations by the economic crisis the European country is going through. However, This note aims to make protagonist to Lukanikos, a stray dog that from the 2008 It has been present in each of the riots in Athens.

    Dubbed "the anarchist dog", Lukanikos (It means "The sausage" in Greek) It has become famous throughout the world for appearing in numerous photos and videos of protests in Greece, always acting in the forefront of the line of fire, Barking and growling against authorities.

    The following images were captured today by some of the most important news agencies.

    Photos and video:

    • Photo: EFE/Alexandros Vlachos

    • Photo: EFE/Alexandros Vlachos

    • Photo: EFE/Alexandros Vlachos

    • Photo: EFE/Alexandros Vlachos

    • Photo: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

    • Photo: EFE/Alexandros Vlachos

    Via: noticias24

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