Die Uncle Chichi, Perhaps it was the oldest dog in the world

Chichi Uncle, a dog poodle whose unusual longevity led to fame and an appearance on the program Good Morning America, He died on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. He had 26 years. O 24. Perhaps 25.

The vagueness about his exact age led to debates about whether Chichi, or Cheech, as it was known at times, He was the oldest dog in the world.

Chichi was really old; something they agreed veterinary, their owners and the Agency of animals in Charleston, South Carolina, He gave it up for adoption for more than 20 years.

However in the 2010, when their owners considered to find a place for him in the Guinness Book of records after he almost dies, It came to pass that you evidence that she is required - as e.g. pictures from when he was a puppy and veterinary documents had been lost over the years.

Chichi began to show signs of old age more than one decade ago and suffered from cataracts, glaucoma and corneal ulcer. After several treatments in the Hospital for animals in Manhattan's Upper East Side, He returned to his usual walks by the Morton Street in the West Village, where lived. Chichi continued to draw attention to - although since I could not see or hear - and even attended the wedding of their owners in Croatia in October of the 2010.

When cancer advanced much, the owners of Chichi, Frank Pavich and Janet Puhalovic, They said that they had no choice but that sacrifice it. On Sunday reported it to friends via email.

"We are completely empty"; "the whole apartment is empty", said in an interview Pavich, of 38 years. "This little friend of" 10 pounds filled not only the apartment, "but also our lives".

Chichi was taken from the John Ancrum society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in Charleston makes 24 years, said Pavich. The Agency officials said that at that time the dog had an age ranging from one to two years.

With Chichi patient in the last months of his life, Pavich, He works as a television producer, led to Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany and France. Pavich took photos of Chichi in the town of Gruyères, Switzerland, the birthplace of the famous cheese, the favorite food of Chichi.

In December, the oldest dog in the world, According to the Guinness Book of records, was Pusuke, a Japanese mutt of 26 years, died. Guinness representatives not answered a request to know the identity of the siucesor of Pusuke.

Pavich this not concerned. "He was not a dog like any other", said speaking of Chichi. "The reported that".

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