11 countries who still eat dog meat

Eleven countries around the world still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Viet Nam, the Arctic and Antarctica and two cantons of Switzerland.

China: While the Chinese were the first to domesticate dogs and keeping them as pets, dog meat has been a source of food since at least the time of Confucius, and possibly even before.

Indonesia: Eating dog meat is generally associated with the people of the culture Batak Toba, which they cook a traditional dish called saksang which is like a dog meat stew.

Mexico: The dogs were historically bred by the Aztecs for its meat. These dogs were called itzcuintlis, and they were often photographed in the pre-Columbian pottery from Mexico.

Philippines: In the capital, Manila, the law specifically prohibits the slaughter and sale of dogs for food, except in certain circumstances, including research and animal population control.

Polynesia: The dogs were traditionally eaten in Tahiti and other islands of Polynesia at the time of first European contact in 1769.

Taiwan: Taiwan dog meat is particularly food in the winter months, especially black dogs, Since it is believed it help retain body heat.

Korea: Gaegogi literally means “meat dog in Korean. Gaegogi, However, It is often confused with the term for Korea soup from dog meat, bosintang. The aversion felt by lovers of dogs, especially in the West, It has made this dish is very controversial.

Switzerland: According to a newspaper report of Switzerland in 1996, the rural Swiss cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen is known to they have had a tradition of raising dogs to eat, dog jerky and sausage meat curing, as well as the use of lard for medicinal purposes.

Viet Nam: Dog meat is eaten in all Viet Nam. For many northerners, is very popular and relatively expensive. It is served in several specialty restaurants.

Arctic and Antarctic: Dogs have historically been an emergency food source for the various peoples of Siberia, Alaska, North of Canada and Greenland. The sled dogs tend to keep to pull sleds, but occasionally eaten when no other food available.

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