Canary Islands

Serinus Canaria is its scientific name.
It is native of the Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira. Now considered a close relative of the European Serin (Serinus serinus), He was formerly associated with the goldfinch and the Sparrow.
It was domesticated to become one of the favorite birds of company in our homes.
The color that know you, It is a bright yellow, but can also display plumage ranging from pure white to deep red. Their size varies between 12 and 20 cm and is much appreciated for the quality of their singing.

Many species are born from successive crosses made by breeders of this species.

The Canary only must buy in specialized pet stores or breeders certificates and future owners should investigate a bit before you buy: a surface palpation of the area of the chest to see if the bird is not excessively thin , a review of feathers must be smooth and shiny, the observation of respiratory movements in order to identify possible respiratory problems.

The canaria enjoys human company, but it is not very fond of direct contact with the human hand. If you want to listen to his wonderful singing remember to give your space away from the cage.

For reasons of hygiene, You must place a source for birds in the cage in order to preserve a beautiful plumage, This ritual should be performed twice a week. With a special nail clippers that can cut the nails of the birds to a suitable length.

The Canarian fresh water constantly needs to contaminated water can be fatal.
The small seeds available in specialized pet stores ensures a balanced for its Canarian diet. However, a varied diet that includes cuts of spinach, Dandelion Green, grape or Apple, peas, corn or small pieces of egg will be a guarantee for the harmonious development of the bird, avoiding health problems.

Diseases affecting the Canaries are: Trichomoniasis avian, Parrot fever, smallpox, liver disease, dust mites, atoxoplasmosis. A clean environment and a balanced diet can help prevent these diseases. However, If health problems appear, the vet is the only one who can recommend appropriate treatment.

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