New chapter of the American dream: a cat is elected Mayor

The inhabitants of the small American town of Sharon, in Wisconsin, they chose a cat as Mayor. During its usual business day the ' Chief’ the city receives visitors and inspects the territory.

The story began when an employee of the Mayor's Office was fed a kitten who lived next to the administrative building. The animal, known as Freddy, He soon started to wait for the woman every morning at the gates of the City Hall. The inhabitants of the city wanted the cat and he appointed the city talisman, but then they decided to give him a more important title and he appointed mayor.

It should be mentioned that the town of Sharon, in which they live a 1.500 people, It is rather peculiar and even its own President, Although in this case it is a person. The new mayor enjoys respect its neighbours, and meet him in the streets is considered a great honor. Cars always stop when the "senior official" crosses the street.

Via: actualidad.RT

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