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Dog gives the bottle orphan lambs

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Jess, UNS Sprinter Spaniel chocolate, She was trained to help puppies.

The dog “Pastor” it's not called that on a whim. Normally helps herding the herd, to ward off vermin that may cause irreparable damage and, in cases such as the following, It gives up the bottle to the Lamb.

It is a Springer Spaniel's 10 years of age called Jess. The dog was trained in such a way that it is capable of feeding the sheep as if it were a human being.

Its owner, Louise Moorhouse, a Dartmoor farmer, England, confessed that the Spaniel He was trained to assist the orphaned lambs. This is how he came to give them milk with a bottle.

Moorhouse said: “Jess has lived with sheep and lambs all her life and is not afraid of any kind of animal.. Sometimes she looks at me as if to say that she is fed up with this, But I know that he loves to do it because if he didn't, he would refuse.”.

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