Disabled dogs

Disabled dogs

Many owners abandon their dogs when they, by accident, birth or illness, they end up not to walk by themselves. I would like to leave you today these examples of dogs transcendence, and educate all those owners of dogs, dogs can be adapted to any situation that comes in the life, much better, that human beings.


    Here the daily image of happiness. Otis loves his wheels. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

      Simply adorable. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

        Andy, a lively Golden, He could not wait to take off with your new car. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

          Elsie, adorable in your shopping cart. Believe it or not, He was hit by a train, but it's going to walk despite a spine fracture. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

            Dottie the Dalmatian lost his legs when she disappeared in the snow. Now you're browsing in your shopping cart. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

              Walking along a Creek at sunset. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

                Bemish with his trophy. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

                Sources and photos: Carli Davidson, Eddieswheels.

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  1. Very good excellent,I would like to see the possibility of having the drawings or any drawing to make it,My dog has the back inmobil by distemper aftermath she recover with antibiotics ,remedies and many affection that we did not want to sacrifice it.If they can help me I live in North coquimbo in chile working in metal art and I think to be able to see who is made of aluminium please send photos finally thank you thank.


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