Genetic tests are located in China the first dogs

Swedish researchers have found new evidence that the origin of the variety of Wolf ancestor of domestic dogs is located in Southeast Asia. These results are contrary to theories that located the canine cradle in Middle East.

Dr. Peter Savolainen, researcher in evolutionary genetics of the Royal Institute of technology (KTH), concludes a new study published on Wednesday that an Asian region South of the Yangtze River was the main site, and probably only, where were wolves first domesticated by man.

Data on genetics, morphology and behavior clearly shows that dogs are descended from wolves, but there has never been scientific consensus on the part of the world in which began the process of domestication. “Our analysis of the chromosome and DNA confirms that the wolves were domesticated first in the South of Yangtze River, in southern China or Southeast Asia, what you called region ASY”, says Savolainen.


Chromosome data and support the prior evidence of mitochondrial DNA. “As a whole, the two studies provide strong evidence that dogs originated in this region”, says Savolainen.

A genetic study recently published in the journal Nature and archaeological data suggested that dogs originated in the Middle. But Savolainen rejects that view. “Since none of these studies includes signs of the ASY region, ASY evidence has been overlooked”, says.

Peter Savolainen and Mattias Oskarsson doctoral student worked with Chinese colleagues to discuss the male DNA of dogs around the world. His work has been published in the scientific journal Heredity.

Approximately half of the genetic reserve is shared universally around the world, While only the ASY region had the range of genetic diversity. “This shows that the gene pools of all other regions of the world probably originate in the region ASY”, says Savolainen.

Source: europapress

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