Sociocognitivo of canine behavior resembles that of a small child

A new study says that dogs not only capture the words we say, but also our intention to communicate with them, According to researchers have been published in 'Current Biology'. These findings could help explain why so many people treat their friends hairy as if they were children, the receptivity of the dogs for communication is surprisingly similar to the responsiveness of young children, scientists tell.

“The increase of the evidence supports the idea that human beings and dogs share some social skills; the sociocognitivo of canine behavior, for example, It resembles a child of between 6 months and 2 years of age, in many ways”, stated József Topál, of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, who adds that “the use of visible signs is one of these features: dogs, as well as human babies, they are sensitive to the signals that indicate the communicative intention”. These signals include oral care and eye contact, Although it is not yet clear whether dogs used similar pathways of the brain to the signal processing.

The Topál team presented to a group of dogs recordings of video of a person speaking to one of two identical plastic pots, While an eye tracker (tracking eye movement) capturing information about the reactions of the dogs. One of the times, the person looked at the dog directly contacting him with a voice; and a second time, the person turned to the dog in a tone lower, avoiding eye contact.

The data show that the dogs were more likely to listen and look at the pot when the person clearly expressed an intention to communicate. “Our findings reveal that the dogs are receptive to human communication in a manner attributed so far only to human babies”, says Topál.

The results, without a doubt, confirm what many dog owners and trainers know, say researchers. It should be noted, However, This is the first study to use eye tracking to study the social skills of the dogs.

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