They recovered to its CAT five years after losing her and 2.500 miles from home

Was lost in 2006 in Colorado, and appeared in New York.
The microchip that is under the skin allowed to identify the animal.

A cat who disappeared from his home in Colorado five years ago has appeared in a Manhattan Street, in New York. The animal will be returned to the family thanks to a microchip which was under the skin and allowing the identification of their owners. These, that he thought not recover it, wonder where Willow lived all this time and how it could go 2.575 kilometres that separate their house in the city of skyscrapers.

Willow appeared five years have been lost to 2.500 miles from home. Photo AP

Willow was a small kitten when she disappeared from home in 2006. Owners filled the small village of Rocky Mountains with posters to try to find it.

However, No one responded and they thought that the mascot had ended in the stomach of a coyote, abundant in this town in Colorado.

Six years later with a child and a dog in the family are preparing to receive to Willow that returns home, now converted into an adult cat and plump.

“Excited and surprised”, He said feel this American marriage that they did not credit and thought it was a mistake to receive the call from a New York animal shelter.

However, After seeing her and check that the microchip was correct they had no doubt that that was your cat, According to published the ' The Herald Sun .

Since by several years the family had moved to another House to 16 km of la antigua, but they maintained links and could thus be located.

The cat has good looks, looks not enflaquecida, or abused, has good manners, something that makes ask owners where lived all this time. That, However, It will remain a mystery.

Source: Telecinco

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