An orphaned kangaroos and a wombat found solace raising together

Wombat and Kangaroo

An orphaned Kangaroo and a Wombat they have found solace among themselves. ANZAC a baby wombat and Peggy have become best friends after sharing a bag together in the Rescue Center for wild life of Kilmore in Victoria, Australia. With little more than five months of age, ANZAC was brought to the Centre after being rescued in the cordillera of Macedonia. In the absence of his mother, ANZAC was laid next to Peggy and now the two sleep together. Worker Lisa Milligan said that both will comfort synchronizing the heart rate. She said: “There are a lot of offspring who have been orphaned for a number of reasons”. One of the reasons why this amazing duo leads so well is because they have a similar personality – ANZAC is very social, While Peggy is noisy and shameless.

Rob Leeson / Newspix / Rex Features

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