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A dog dragged the body of teammate killed by an outrage and mounts guard for one week next to his corpse.

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The dog continues to protect the body of his deceased friend died a week after the accident.
Witnesses say that the animal dragged the body to a safe distance from the edge of the road
The dog continues to wake your friend, Unable to accept death
Local residents may not tempt it so you leave the body of his friend

They are the harrowing images of a dog that has lost his best friend.

for seven days, the animal has rode guard next to the body of your partner, you don't want to accept the death of his partner after it was hit by a car.

The dog dragged the body of your partner away from the edge of the road on the outskirts of Filippovka, in the Perm region (Russia), refusing to leave the area since.

In its place, time passes by tapping with your feet to the inert body and giving your own body heat, waiting for a miracle that will never.

People passing by the scene can hear the howling of the dog, not being able to suppress many of them tears.

Locals offer you food and drink waiting for dog complete with his particular duel, but no avail.

Witnesses described the dogs as “Romeo and Juliet”, and have made attempts to give a decent burial to the animal.
But when they try to tempt the dog, He does not move, and does not allow that no one approach to less than ten meters from your partner.

A resident said: “It is very sad. Do not leave that no one approach to it and meanwhile still trying to give his own body heat.”

It is not known what happened to the dog – the video was posted ten days ago and new updates have been hard to find.

We hope you had a happy ending.

Many peasants, sensitized for the loyalty of the animal, they have committed to adopt the dog when his lonely vigil comes to an end.



Via: dailymail

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