A dog healthy is sleep and buried next to his owner in the United Kingdom


Toffee a healthy five-year-old Labrador was apparently asleep and buried at the request of its owner

A blind woman who could not bear the idea of spreading of his faithful dog guide, He allegedly ordered sleep it and bury it next to it.
Shelia Stadler, of 68 years, Terre Haute (Indiana), accompanied by her dog Toffee Guide to five years of age died the 8 March, After a long battle against cancer.
A few days later, Toffee, that it did not suffer health problems, was put to sleep by the family of Stadler and placed in the coffin of the Sra. Stadler.


Sheila Stadle apparently could not stand separate from your dog guide dead once

The son of the Sra. Stadler, Andrew, He said that Toffee had been showing signs of mourning since she passed away the 8 March.
Gregory Reilly, an aide in veterinary medicine said: “The fate of the dog depends on the family of the Sra. Stadler”, “Legally they can do whatever they want.”

The son of the Sra Stadler, Andy, He said that Toffee roamed aimlessly in the days after the death of his mistress, until the day of their sacrificed.
“I wouldn't say that it was rare that a dog is in mourning, especially if the dog was very close to the person”, said Reilly, Honey Creek animal hospital.

Paying tribute to the Sra. Stadler, the DeBaun funeral home said that he had been a dedicated homemaker whose favorite book was the Bible.
The funeral apparently also stressed in how close was their deceased pet: “Loved Toffee, your dog guide and constant companion for five years.”

Commenting on the story, the national canine defense League said: “There is never a reason to put a healthy dog to sleep when I could be happily relocated, We hope that this sad story again repeated in the United Kingdom.”
They add that “It must be clear that a landlord must pass, the dog must be returned to the charity so that they can find it a new happy home”

His sister said that they felt much pain for making this, but it was his sister wanted.

Via: dailymail

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