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A healthy guide dog is put to sleep and buried next to its owner in the United Kingdom

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Toffee a healthy five-year-old Labrador was apparently asleep and buried at the request of its owner

A blind woman who couldn't bear the thought of being separated from her faithful guide dog, He allegedly ordered sleep it and bury it next to it.
Shelia Stadler, of 68 years, Terre Haute (Indiana), died accompanied by her five-year-old guide dog Toffee on 8 March, After a long battle against cancer.
A few days later, Toffee, who did not suffer from health problems, was put to sleep by Stadler's family and placed in Mrs.. Stadler.


Sheila Stadle aparentemente no podía soportar separarse de su perro guía una vez muerta

The son of the Sra. Stadler, Andrew, dijo que Toffee había estado mostrando signos de luto después de que ella falleciera el 8 March.
Gregory Reilly, an aide in veterinary medicine said: “The fate of the dog depends on the family of the Sra. Stadler”, “Legally they can do whatever they want.”

The son of the Sra Stadler, Andy, dijo que Toffee vagó sin rumbo en los días después a la muerte de su dueña, hasta el día de su sacrificó.
Yo no diría que fuese raro que un perro esté de luto, especially if the dog was very close to the person”, said Reilly, Honey Creek animal hospital.

Paying tribute to the Sra. Stadler, la funeraria DeBaun dijo que había sido una ama de casa dedicada cuyo libro favorito era la Biblia.
The funeral apparently also stressed in how close was their deceased pet: “Loved Toffee, su perro guía y compañero constante durante cinco años.

Commenting on the story, the national canine defense League said: “Nunca hay razón para poner a un perro sano a dormir cuando podría ser realojado felizmente, We hope that this sad story again repeated in the United Kingdom.”
They add that “It must be clear that a landlord must pass, the dog must be returned to the charity so that they can find it a new happy home”

Su hermana dijo que sentían mucho dolor por hacer esto, pero era lo que su hermana quería.

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