A dog tries to revive her best friend, for six hours in the middle of a road


This story happened in Zhangzhou, in china of Fujian province, where a stray dog remained six hours caring for and trying to do react the body of his companion, which died after being hit by a car.


During that time, noble dog only moved a few metres to dodge the cars that passed by the place. When tired, slept next to her and on several occasions the lamia face.



"He stayed all day at your side, licking it and pushing it so that he awoke. I even saw that he cried. It was very touching", narrated Xiao Wu, butcher shop where is located on the street where the incident occurred and who occasionally fed to the loyal dog.He said that moments after the tragic accident, the dog ran away to meet her roommate, to which tried to embrace with their front paws. Xiao Wu commented that both dogs used to be together all the time.



A shocking story. It seems incredible that the animals are who have to remind us of what is truly important in this life.

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