10 of the things that you should not do with your pet.

The relationship between a person and your pet can be absurd and sometimes petty. Even activities seemingly innocent as push a cat in a buggy or put bonds in the hair of a dog can be a cruel torture for the animal.
Here they are 10 of the things that owners likes to do with their pets.

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Jose Antonio
Jose Antonio
7 June, 2013 11:55 am

Lucky to have that their dogs can walk perfectly… MY DOG GOES ON SHOPPING CART LIKE THAT BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT WALK WELL!!!!! If it had been properly reported it would realize that carts descriptions specify perfectly are designed for dogs who have difficulty walking. What I was missing already! If I don't have to explain already enough every day when I go with my dog, over to find me with pages that write these nonsense! Why no one questions that you take a person in wheelchair? Enough to think that the animal should be treated… Read more »

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