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Posted by pets | 11 January 2012

10 of the things that you should not do with your pet.

The relationship between a person and your pet can be absurd and sometimes petty. Even activities seemingly innocent as push a cat in a buggy or put bonds in the hair of a dog can be a cruel torture for the animal.
Here they are 10 of the things that owners likes to do with their pets.

Pampered pets

Dress up your pet

Owners of pets today are obsessed with dressing their dogs and cats with ridiculous costumes and clothes for holidays and almost any occasion. Be dressed up as if it is not sufficiently humiliating, the owners have the courage to take their pets dressed in public. Be realistic: Pet hate the clothes and accessories, so deja torturing him in ridiculous costumes .

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Put duct tape on his legs.

Pets bear a great deal of humiliation, but one of the most humiliating things that owners love to do is put the tape in their legs. It seems funny to see cats and dogs twist and adhere to the ground with each step that give. This joke, seemingly innocent, It is frankly a torture for the animal.

Video: watch?v=e1GCdT2Mk-I

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Wake them up

There cannot be any better than a nestled cat or dog who snore, but that does not mean it is okay to wake them when they are asleep. There is no too much or any problem in your four-legged friends to upset when they are peacefully asleep, but they hate when they do continuously. As did not awake a sleeping baby, You must resist the temptation to awaken a sleeping animal.

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Make fun of them

Some pet owners have a habit of making fun of their dogs and cats with toys and goodies. You can enjoy watching your dog looking for without rest a ball you never tiraste, but this kind of jokes can make it unstable and make him an aggressive and disobedient animal.

Video: watch?v = nGeKSiCQkPw

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Put strap cats

We are going to say together: Dogs walk with strap, Cat NO. Unfortunately, There are many cat owners than that do not understand this concept. Cats don't like straps and probably never will feel comfortable with it. If your cat to walk with you, You will follow without belt.

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Make them dance

No animal likes to dance. Many owners do them grace dance around their pets by making them stand and making them swing against her will, but this cruel activity, It often causes a bite or a scratch.

Video: Dog dancing

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Do not paint you nails

The first step is to learn that pets are animals and not dolls. Some pet owners, obsessed with the "fashion" forget that products containing different enamels may be very harmful to the health of the animal.

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Walk them in strollers and bags

The four-legged creatures are walking, they are not a subject to be taken by their owner wherever they go. Take them in a stroller or a bag is to steal their valuable time exercise.

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Hang your embarrassing moments on YouTube

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Pet owners get a lot of entertainment to see their dogs and cats every day, but that doesn't mean that they should share their embarrassing moments with everyone....

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Take pictures of glamour....

Although some dogs and cats can stay motionless in a photo shoot, most have no patience for the stillness, bright lights and accessories that come with the equipment of the photographer can scare them much.

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One comment on “10 of the things that you should not do with your pet.
  1. Jose Antonio says:

    Lucky to have that their dogs can walk perfectly… MY DOG GOES ON SHOPPING CART LIKE THAT BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT WALK WELL!!!!! If it had been properly reported it would realize that carts descriptions specify perfectly are designed for dogs who have difficulty walking. What I was missing already! If I don't have to explain already enough every day when I go with my dog, over to find me with pages that write these nonsense! Why no one questions that you take a person in wheelchair? Enough thinking that the animal must treat it as an animal happens what happens…

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