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12 – bengal cat. Price: 600 € – 2.000 €

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The bengal cat is a hybrid.

In 1963 Jean Sugden led an Asian Leopard cat to California and coupled it with a domestic cat, his concern was to maintain the cat Leopard.
Ten years after, Dr. Willard Centerwall, the University of california, He continued this hybridization to examine the resistance of the Leopard cat for feline leukemia virus.

These were the origins of the Bengal. Dr. Centerwall passed on eight of his hybrids to Sugden, who had remarried and was called Mill. The first Bengal, Millwood Finally Found, It was recorded by Jean Mill in 1983. The race was nervous but he later produced cats more extroverted.

Gato de Bengala Gato de Bengala Gato de Bengala
The cat's Bengal It is born from the intersection of a domestic cat of black short hair with the Asian Leopard cat. As with many hybrids, the goal was to create a domestic cat's size, behavior, exotic appearance and color, for asemejara cats Asia Leopard. As with most hybrid cats, the race becomes increasingly domestica with each successive generation, therefore the ideal domesticated breed would be at least from the third to the fifth generation of the original breed.
Gato de Bengala Gato de Bengala

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