The Bengal cat is a hybrid.

In 1963 Jean Sugden led an Asian Leopard cat to California and coupled it with a domestic cat, his concern was to maintain the cat Leopard.
Ten years after, Dr. Willard Centerwall, the University of california, He continued this hybridization to examine the resistance of the Leopard cat for feline leukemia virus.
These were the origins of the Bengal. Dr. Centerwall spent eight of their hybrids to Sugden, He had returned to marry and was Mill. The first Bengal, Millwood Finally Found, It was recorded by Jean Mill in 1983. The race was nervous but he later produced cats more extroverted.

The first crosses were cats without pedigree, but when it appeared the Leopard fur, individuals crossed with a street cat Hindu and Egyptian Maus.

They have a characteristic thick and lush fur.
Due to its wild origins, the temperament is a vital feature in breeding programmes.

[stextbox id=”info” float=”true” width =”345″]The Bengal loves to jump, run and still has a slight predatory instinct towards small animals.

Feline instincts mixed with the calm of a purebred cat, do not be able to handle a life in freedom just as one would “street cat”

There are three clubs in Great Britain, Although there are only a few hundred of these cats.

Breeds of cats: Bengal cat

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