Bichons and related breeds

Group 9: Companion and Toy Dogs – FCI

  • Section 1: Bichons and related breeds

    • —- 1.1 Bichons

    • —- 1.2 Coton de Tuléar

    • —- 1.3 Little Lion Dog

  • Section 2: Poodle

  • Section 3: Small Belgian Dogs

    • —- 3.1 Griffons

    • —- 3.2 Petit Brabançon

  • Section 4: Hairless Dogs

  • Section 5: Tibetan breeds

  • Section 6: Chihuahueno

  • Section 7: English Toy Spaniels

  • Section 8: Japan Chin and Pekingese

  • Section 9: Continental Toy Spaniel and others

  • Section 10: Kromfohrländer

  • Section 11: Small Molossian type Dogs

It is called Bichon a group of dog breeds that have common features be of small size, having long hair and a sweet and affectionate character.

It is believed that the Bichon term comes from Barbichón, as they were called the poodle puppies or Barbet and by similarity, the term was applied to these races.

The Federation Cynologique Internationale qualify the Bichon breeds within the Group IX, in a single section; section 1 Bichones and similar breeds.

In this box we will focus on the Bichons and related breeds from the section 1 of the Group 9 from FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

Standard – classification FCI

  • Group 9: Companion and Toy Dogs
  • Section 1: Bichons and related breeds.
  • 1 Bichon Frise (Bichon à poil frisé)

    Bichon Frise

    The owner of a Bichon Frise (Bichon à poil frisé) You should avoid leaving it alone, suffers from anxiety when you're alone.



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    2 Bolognese


    Hair texture Bolognese It is the wool one and should never be cut or trimmed


    Coexistence is important

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    3 Coton de Tulear

    Coton de Tulear

    The Coton de Tulear is very playful, to the point that the standard describes it by saying that “sometimes he's a bit of a clown”.


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    4 Havanese


    Due to their nature, the Havanese is used in therapy with animals


    The coexistence you are going to have with is important

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    5 Little Lion Dog (Löwchen)

    Little Lion Dog

    The Little Lion Dog It is little known, so much that in 1960 was defined as the rarest dog in the world.


    It is important

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    6 Maltese


    The Maltese is very sensitive, and you prefer a home that is stable.


    The coexistence you are going to have with is important

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