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The Maltese is very sensitive, and you prefer a home that is stable.
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The Maltese is a dog breed Spaniel type of small size. Its origin is often placed for more than 2.800 years, on Meleda island, and the earliest reference we have on the race are those we, possibly, the Egyptians. Some Pharaohs tombs have appeared statues reminiscent of the Maltese, in 13th century BC. In the 4th century BC, Aristotle refers to these dogs, to those who put the name of “dogs malitenses“.

It is depicted on Greek ceramic pieces and is mentioned in the writings of many poets and Roman historians. Are mentioned from the time of the Roman Empire and it is perhaps known from before. Maltese may be the oldest European faldera race. It is known that she was taken to various places on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The ancestors of this breed were living in port areas of the maritime cities of the Mediterranean with the Mission to hunt rats and mice It is accumulated in the ships and warehouses.

Its name, Maltese, comes from the word málat, that means port and Melitae not in principle you could think of. However, málat is a term used in many maritime areas, including the island of Mljet (Dalmatia, Croatia), so there is arguably the island as its origin. Another hypothesis is their origin of Sicily (Melita).

In the middle ages, the Maltese were used as pets by European nobility. Grow them very long hair to these dogs, which is why, need brushing constantly so that do not fall them so much and do not form knots.

Physical characteristics

They weigh between 1,8 and 4 kg. Being the maximum weight in adulthood of 3 kg in females and 4 kg in males. Its height is of 20 to 25,5 cm., and they have a compact body.

They have a long and silky coat of pure white or strangely ivory, allow some minor and very light yellow or brown stains very clear. It is fine, soft and silky, a considerable length (almost reaches the ground), without curlers but aimed to build it, hangs on the side from a line that goes from the truffle to the birth of the tail. They have no internal mantle.

They have medium-size head with small front, round skull. The nose is black. And his big eyes, oval, dark brown with black eyelids, attentive and very dark. The snout is moderately long, fine, it tapers to the nose. The ears are long, falls and hairy, of implant low, hanging close to head, as supporting, on the side of the snout is left mayor Brown.

They have short, straight legs. Its tail is elegant and is covered with abundant hair, and it features curved on its back.
In comparison to the Yorkshire Terrier or the Chihuahua, the Maltese has no such tendency to callus or other diseases that can shorten your life.

Character and skills

They are excellent pets, clean, Although white, They stain much. Lively, Smart, caring and tender, with the eternal look of small puppies. It is a docile dog, very protective of the House. It is a very Barking Dog. They can be used as guard dog doorbell, or avisador dog, like the Chihuahua or the Yorkshire Terrier. These small dogs are perfect for households where there are children or adolescents who are quite comprehensive, and they will love its owner with madness.

It is good to have a walk in the morning and another in the evening already that being small does not require much exercise. Much like sleep and the majority spend as dozing all day. Are very active at night and love to have a rubber bone to bite. They easily adapt to changes. They have a half life of 9 to 12 years that they have small but robust bodies coming from ancient Mesopotamia. Throughout his life, they do not usually present no disease.
This breed of dog usually used for therapy dog and make children more responsible and ordered.

It requires a little patience when he trains. It is very sensitive, and you prefer a home that is stable. It does not present problems with children, When the dog is so respected, You can spend hours playing with them.


Unlike other dogs the Maltese require little physical activity, What are good candidates for older people. Hunting mice, and they keep them away from the House.

Take them to walk would also make them sociable that don't require much exercise, adults should keep the weight and the best way to do this is by controlling what you eat and taking them for a walk. We must pay attention to the hair, and the help of a dog hairdresser may be required from time to time. You must be careful with approaching other dogs that are very nervous and are uncontrollable.

They can make stunts, How to keep standing on their hind legs for several minutes. Although perfectly adapted to living in apartments for its small size and domestic, love to walk in the open air. To be a difficult race, about all when they are puppies, they require many care. It is recommended to feed with feed, and though loves food human should never be given chocolate, It is highly deadly to this race.

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  • Group 9 / Section 1 – Bichones y afines
  • Alternative names: Bichón maltais / Malteser / Maltese

Dogs breeds: Maltese

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We live on costa blanca Spain, and are wanting a Bichon/Maltees puppy (femal) please could you help us to find our companion.





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