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Posted by tiadoc | 3 August 2011

- Italia FCI 196

Bichón Boloñés

The texture of the hair of the Bichon Bolognese is wool and should never be cut or cut
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The Bichon Bolognese is a small breed of dog, originally from Italy. Its name refers to his hometown, Bologna, located to the North of Italy.

According to the canine literature, It is believed Bichon Bolognese descends of different types of Bichon dogs of South Italy, and their existence is situated around the century 11 or 12. Similar to the Bichon frise, It became popular as a companion dog, between the Royal courts and the nobility of Spain, and in other parts of Europe from the century 16 until the beginning of the century 19.

The Francia appear among the most appreciated gifts that were made for a time by the powerful of this world. Cosimo (1389 – 1464) It led no less than eight to Brussels as gifts to different Belgian nobles. Philip II, King Spain from 1556 to 1598, After receiving two, as a gift from the Duke d'Este, thanked him in writing, saying “These two small dogs are more real gifts you can do to an emperor”. The Bolognese race is represented in the paintings of Titian, Pierre Bruegel and Goya.

Bichon Bolognese was recognized in 1989 by the Federation Cynologique Internationale as breed number 196 in the Group 9 company and Toy type dogs, Section 1.1 Italy Bichones.

Physical characteristics

Bichon Bolognese is a small white dog, Compact, classified as a company and dog with a distinctive unique in the Bichones: its coat entirely white and without layers. The eyes are large and dark, as the nose. The height of the Bichon Bolognese varies between 25 and 30 cm.. The weight can vary between 4 and 5 kg.

Bichon Bolognese often appears on lists of dogs that, supposedly, They show no hair (they do not move). However, These lists are misleading.

The only distinctive coat (namely, without layer) It falls in loose and open throughout the body curls, with shorter hair on the face. The texture of the hair is of wool and should never be cut off or cut. Bichon Bolognese sheds very little hair, but requires regular hairdo.

Each hair grows from a hair follicle, It has a cycle of growth, and then they die and are replaced by another follicle. When the follicle dies, the hair falls out. The duration of the crop cycle and the excretion time varies depending on the age and other factors. Frequent brushing and bathing, to keep the Bichon Bolognese at its best, is essential.

Character and skills

These dogs are very smart and they worship the people company, but they are often very reserved with strangers, and believe it or not they have a very acute hearing, in general, they just paper tigers, entirely to hear strange noises. Usually, they are less active than the Bichon Frise, However, is a cheerful and friendly breed, He develops a close bond with his owner.

To be intelligent, it is easy to train, and eager to please, It is an ideal company for the family dog, Although initially it may be something reserved with strangers. They are good with children. Their life expectancy is 12 to 14 years.

Images Bichon Bolognese
  • Otros nombres: Bichon Bolognese / Bolognese Toy Dog / Bologneser / Bolognese / Bichon Bolognais / Bolo / Botoli / Bottolo.
  • Group 9 / Section 1 – Bichones y afines.

Dogs breeds: Bichon Bolognese

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