Tulear cotón

The Tulear cotón It is a small breed of dog born in Madagascar. Its name honors on the one hand to their city of origin, Tulear in Madagascar and on the other hand the aspect of cotton (Cotón) He has his coat layer.

It was developed on the island of Madagascar and, It is the national dog of the island. The ancestors of the Cotón Tulear were brought to Madagascar in the centuries 16 and 17 aboard the Pirate ships, its aim was to control rats and mice. Madagascar was a haven for pirates, and pirate cemeteries can still be seen there, as a tourist attraction.

Tulear Cotón, has very soft hair, similar to a ball of cotton, a prominent black snout, large and expressive eyes (usually covered by Tufts of hair) and the legs are short and very hairy.

This breed does not usually give the typical “odor to dog”, Although after the bath, the aroma wet dog, does not mean it no one. Tulear Cotón comes in different colors, white, White with brown spots, black and white only (Although the latter, is not an acceptable color). The beauty of the Cotón Tulear is that as aging spots of color on it they fade, It will eventually be pure white.

The Federation Cynologique Internationale has as standard specifies that the layer of cotton should be white, but it may also have lemon color on ears and the body, but the layer is mainly white.

This breed has little hair shedding. Like other dogs, the hair will be removed with the frequent brushing.

The International Federation Cynologique international marks as the standard weight of Cotón Tuléar from 4 to 6 kg for males and between 3,5 and 5 kg for females. The height (including tolerance) is of 25 to 30 cm for males and 22 to 27 cm for females.

Tulear Cotón is generally a healthy breed. However, There are some health problems as there in all the races. The most serious heart problems might be, the liver, the eyes. Even so they have fewer problems than most breeds. It is a fairly rare breed and it was not recognized by the AKC until the century 21.

The average lifespan of a Tulear Cotón is of 16 to 18 years.

Cotón Tulear is a playful dog, loving, Intelligent, It provides a very close relationship with his family, If you are only for several hours may have anxiety separation.

It is a very vocal breed, Growl, Barking and making other noises when they are having fun, is something typical. Some Cotón Tuléar, they have a habit of jumping and walking on their hind legs to please people. Sometimes, they may exhibit shyness or caution in new situations, especially with strangers, but this can be solved by education. They love to play with children.

Tulear cotón

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