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    Posted by tiadoc | 16 March 2012

    Bobtail breeders or old English Pastor in Spain

    Criadores de Bobtail o Viejo Pastor Inglés en España

    Old English Sheepdog (Unlike the English Shepherd Dog breed) or Bobtail. It is a breed of dog guard or shepherds dogs family.

    It is a dog of large size and scale, with a height around the 63 cm.. and a weight between the 30 and the 40 kg. The ears are small and fall, coated with hair, strong and elongated neck, abundant hair desgreñado and rough touch, with a range of colors that can range from grey, grey, Blue to blue merle, with or without white markings on the head, bottom of the stomach or forelimbs.

    The tail is often be amputated, or are there simply copies that are already born without it, Hence its name Bobtail which in English means cut tail, the search for this feature is believed to have been by the desire for British breeders do not pay taxes, already before the dogs with tails were thought to be luxury goods (Read all about the race…).

    Where can informarnos…

    Association of breeders and friends of the Bobtail in Spain
    Apartado de correos 104.
    08181 – Sentmenat del Vallès (Barcelona)
    Phones: + 34 93 715 21 20
    Fax: + 34 93 715 21 80

    The Association of breeders and friends of the Bobtail of Spain, as they can be read in the comments that - kindly- left Lady Carmen Buló, not recommended “breeders” but litters that comply with the rules of the Association breeding and belonging to the same.

    Bobtail breeders list or old English Pastor in Spain:

    Photo: Dee ’ tjes

    Bobtail breeders or old English Pastor in Spain

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    18 comments on “Bobtail breeders or old English Pastor in Spain
    1. Fran says:

      Hello , Ivana, the penthouse is already not Bobtail .
      Best regards

    2. Ivanna says:

      Thank you for the information, Fran. You you do to the breeding of this breed? If you want to add you to the list?

      Best regards.

    3. Fran says:

      If Ivana , I am a bobtail breeder in girona , Spain.
      Thank you

    4. Ivanna says:

      I was looking at the website of of the Bobtail attic (Madrid), and is updated…

      Add you now!

    5. Fran says:

      An Ivana appreciation, and do not take it amiss , the BoBtail generally born with tail, not without it, at a time amputo you for two reasons, the first a canon or payment that is avoided(taxes) and the second who before the fight with any predatory Wolf, avoid being eganchados and torn apart by the anus.

    6. Ivanna says:

      It is a very good contribution, Fran, especially if it comes from a person that is dedicated to the race, so I will take it into account for editing. We are editing all entries page… Because we have seen in several errors, Although not fat…, errors of ignorance.

      So any contribution is well received! Now I have to go, but then I will edit the piece speaks of the tail, here, and I will take into account, in the edition of the race entry.

      Thanks a lot, and good afternoon!

    7. Fran says:

      Ivana , This updated, but at the moment it cannot issue pedigree.Comment you in the end.

    8. Fran says:

      A very interesting book in my opinion is the new book of the BOBTAIL, written by Rosa Maria Suarez, THE JOWERS bobtail breeder.This book is very enlightening about the introduction of the bobtail in Spain, their breeders,maintenance etc.
      Best regards

    9. 9.CARMEN BULÓ – 25/04/2012 to 12:49 pm
      The finished(CLUB OFFICIAL OF THE RACE OF SPAIN), not recommended breeders , only litters that comply with the rules of the Association breeding and belonging to the same.
      For your information, THE ATTIC, BUSHY BEAR OES, BIM-BOM-BAM and BOBTAIL RIUDHEAN , they do not belong to the end.
      Carmen Buló, President of the Association of breeders and friends of the Bobtail of Spain

    10. I ask that before posting something about race, You informéis, Since inducíis to error possible interested in this wonderful breed.
      OLD ENGLISH SHEPHERD DOG = PASTOR ENGLISH = BOBTAIL. The name would actually be old English Shepherd Dog (translation of OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG) Name in the races of the FCI nomenclature., (INTERNATIONAL CINÓFILA FEDERATION)

    11. Josefina says:

      Good afternoon to tod@s. I am looking for a bobtail to my child. Not long ago our of old woman died us; It had long name of pedigree and such, but for the family it was fog. We bought it a few breeders of Cadiz, that after 12 logical years we lost contact details. My child misses her and take her birthday to bring you another “Fog”. If anyone has any information about puppies appreciate it you. It is not to raise, not working, not for competition. Is that you grew up with my child as one of the family. My email is . Many thanks and regards.

      • carmela says:

        I'm carmela...I am d palencia...I have a bobtail...eduardo d dance...I have all paperwork and a wonderful dog..

    12. Ana says:

      I would be interested in the acquisition of a bobtail but I called all the breeders I've seen on google and no one has. Someone can tell me where you could buy one with all the guarantees? Thank you

    13. Joan says:

      I would like me to send more information about the bottail and cuanado will have the next litter, or have two months and do cost and I would like to be male
      see you soon

    14. Mirian says:

      Hello, I would like contacatar with some bobtail breeder for Cadiz. Thank you

    15. Blasi says:

      Hi I would like to contact someone who grew up in Mallorca Bobtails, I find nothing here and I thought that you can help me, Thanks a lot,
      Blasi León

      • Ester says:

        Good, añguien ne could tell if Bobtail Riudhean are still breeders and sell Bobtails? I looked at their website and from 2012 It's not updated…

    16. Arturo says:

      Good, Breeders in active Bobtail is in the downtown area that are currently young?
      Thank you

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