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English Shepherd
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The English Shepherd It resists the pressure of long demanding hours.



The race English Shepherd It is extremely versatile as a working dog. It's a line of Collie developed in the United States from farm dogs brought by the English and Scots early in the country's history.

Should not be confused with Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail).

The English Shepherd is very smart, able to bring forward any dog on the farm and used in varied pastoral work (beef, sheep, goats, pig), monitoring, hunting, vermin and rodent eradicator and company for the kids. It is possibly one of the most common breeds during the 19th century before the pedigree was given the importance it has to this day..

Many farmers appreciated this race for its versatility and not on their standard of appearance, being raised according to their abilities and not for exhibitions.

Physical characteristics

The English Shepherd is similar in appearance to Border Collie and to the Australian Shepherd. Although it has a less rounded head than the last, nor do they tend to have the mantle of merle color, something common in the Australian Shepherd, they have not so square body.

The English Shepherd is usually larger than the Border Collie, are easier to distinguish from Border Collie what of Australian Shepherd.

The English Shepherd is a medium-sized dog, usually a little longer than high. His weight is about 20 to 30 kg and is balanced in proportions. As a small farms working dog, has been selected to meet a variety of needs and that has resulted in a wide range of regional variations, appearance on.

The mantle is of average length and can be smooth, wavy or curly. It often has fringes on legs and the tail. As in all working dog, the hair should be easy to maintain, they require very little preparation. Dirt tends to be repulsed by the fur.

The English Shepherd It, generally, a healthy dog.

The colors of the layer can be sable & white, tricolor, black and white, or black and Tan. Other variants, such as solid colors (any), Red and atigrados also exist but are not common.

Character and skills

The temperament of English Shepherd is the defining characteristic of the breed, has one great intelligence and, often a unique kind of kindness for their own, both animals and people.

Often, is a independent worker, but always attentive to its own. They adapt easily and quickly learn routines.

Some may be distrustful with strangers and they are dogs of a single person. But, Once you agree to another adult (or other pets) or children, the converted part of his flock, and, with children especially, from that moment it will be difficult to find a better caregiver than a English Shepherd, to be aware of their children.

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English Shepherd Puppies of Forrest Run Farm Registered family raised April 2010
English Shepherd pups at 4 wks  old
Patient English Shepherd
Walnut Ranch English Shepherd puppies

Type and recognitions:

  • CLASSIFICATION UKC: Herding Dog Group

  • Alternative names:

    1. Farm Collie, Farm Shepherd, Old Farm Collie (English).
    2. English Shepherd (German).

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