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Posted by tiadoc | 16 March 2012

Breeders of Flanders Boyero or Bouvier of Flanders in Spain

Criadores de Boyero de Flandes o Bouvier de Flandes en España

Boyero Flanders is a breed of dog of Flanders, It is one of the three regions of Belgium, Wallonia and the Brussels region (Belgium and Flanders capital).

It is known as Bouvier des Flandres and Boeuf Toucheur in French, Vlaamse Koehond in flamenco and Vuilbaard in German.

Traditionally used as cattle herding dog and a guard dog, the Sennenhund Flanders, It is a dog of large size and with the body covered with an abundant layer of long hair (Read all about the race…).

Where can informarnos…

Spanish of the Flanders Bouvier Association
José Selgas, 13. 30565 – Torres de Cotillas (Murcia)

List of breeders Boyero Flanders or Flanders recommended and recognized by the Spanish Association of the Flemish Bouvier Bouvier:

  • Of Logronyo (La Rioja) – Affix: 3666
  • Zoraican (Granada) – Affix: 012243
  • The Portazgos (La Coruña) – Affix: 010934 / Tel.: 617395373
  • Brut-Cor ’ s (Alacant) – Affixes: 5965 RSCE, 189/95 FCI
  • DaSilva (Elche) Affix: 3054

Other criadores…

Photo: bouvierdeflandes.NET

Breeders of Flanders Boyero or Bouvier of Flanders in Spain

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9 comments on “Breeders of Flanders Boyero or Bouvier of Flanders in Spain
  1. Paco says:

    Hello,I would like to have a large mountain dog but am not able to contact a kennel.Thank you

  2. Hola soy de mexico Mexico State I would like people to know better this race it is excellent I would like that someone advise me a little bit about the breeding of them since I have had some problems since they are born because I only manage 2 or 3

  3. Indeed some dogs are excellent I am sure that if the Mexican people knew them not is arrepentiria have not one but 2 thanks and I hope someone answer me and advise me please thank you

  4. Francisco del valle says:

    Hello, I have a male that I brought from Holland, but I can't find a dog to cross it, the few who e seen the truth do not reach you the dog, are as middle cruzadonas, It is not for nothing but the dog is very good blood, If anyone knows them thank you let me know , If you want I send photos,

  5. Enrique says:

    This next to come in heat

  6. Alberto says:

    Someone who has puppies or this by having them? I am from toluca mexico had one long ago and are excellent specimens

  7. Gabriela Guerrero says:

    Hello I want a male puppy because I was a female of the breed that unfortunate mind died and I want to give my husband a male of the same breed are the most beautiful obedient alive thanks to jalisco Mexico

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