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Boxer breeders in Spain

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Criadores de Boxer en España


The Boxer is one breed of dog of work and company, medium-sized, of German origin. Obtained through a Bullenbeisser crosses and a Bulldog.

Most canine historians agree that the Boxer has ancestors in dogs. Bullenbeisser. The Bullenbeisser (or out of bulls) they were hunting dogs, used for the hunting of the pig, wild boar and deer. Such expeditions for the hunting of wild animals used to cost the lives of several dogs., the game was horrible and painful both people and dogs (not to mention for wild boars).

Some sources say that these huge medieval dogs had erect ears and large teeth., that would be used to hold the animal by the muzzle. (Read all about the race…).

Where can we find out?

Boxer Club of Spain
Zurbano, 76 – 7º Right
28010 Madrid
Phones: 918 42 12 37 / 626 80 77 25
Fax: 918 42 12 37
Email: Info@boxerclub.es

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Boxer breeders

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