Spain French Bulldog breeders

Criadores de Bulldog Francés en España

The French Bulldog It is a small breed of dog originating in England, established as such by the end of the 19th century. However, Despite its name, America and Great Britain have played important roles in the development of this breed. These dogs tend to be nicknamed "Clowns" or "Frog dogs".

The French Bulldog is considered a molosser in small size. The French Bulldog origins to the Decade of 1850. Its beginnings are found in England, with the English Bulldog, its closest relative, descendant of the Mastiff type breeds (Read all about the race…).

Where can informarnos…

Spanish Association for the promotion of the French Bulldog breed

Apdo. post, 36. 33980 Pola de Laviana (Asturias)
Phones: + 34 633 81 33 22 / Email: [email protected]

List of French Bulldog breeders recommended and recognized by Spanish Association for the promotion of the French Bulldog breed:

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