Spain English Bulldog breeders

Criadores de Bulldog Inglés en España

The English Bulldog or Bulldog breed, It was initially used for betting in dog fights, during the 17TH century (in 1835 This practice was banned in England). In the news, this dog is one of the symbols of England.
Its origin is in the "ancient Greek dog", Kelb Thal Bulldog, or bulls Maltese dog: an imported breed to England, that cross ancient mastiffs gave rise to the old English Bulldog.

The Bulldog of yesteryear was lighter and more similar to the Boxer that the chubby Bulldog of today; was a purely sporting animal. It was used in the creation of other races as: Bullmastiff, Boxer, Bull Terrier, and some hounds as the Beagle's old type (Read all about the race…).

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Club English Bulldog Spanish
Gran de Sant Andreu, 111
08030 Barcelona
Phones: + 34 635 46 80 68
Fax: + 34 93 834 52 37

List of recommended and recognized by Spanish Club of the English Bulldog English Bulldog breeders:

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Spain English Bulldog breeders

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