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Pomeranian breeders of race in Spain

Pomeranian breeders breed

The Pomeranian, Deutscher Spitz;, Pomeranian Lulu or Deutscher Zwergspitz It is a dog of the Spitz family, named for the region of Pomerania Central, Eastern Germany, and is classified as a dog Toy because of its small size.

The ancestors of the Pomerania were Iceland and Lapland sled dogs, He came to Europe because of Pomerania.

The region of Pomerania, bathed in the north by the Baltic Sea and bounded in the west by the island of Rügen and in the east by the Vistula River, It was occupied by many peoples, celts, Slavs, Poles, Swedes, Danish and Prussian. Its name comes from Pomore or Pommern, what it means “by the sea”, and it was given in times of Charlemagne. Is in Pomerania where the Spitz won fame as a pet and dog work.

Dog breeders improved fur and adapted to the dog to urban life, but the Pomeranian still weighed more than 10 kg to arrive in England.

The reduction of size of the animal and the development of its variety of colors is attributed to breeders, following trial and error methods and applying the genetic theories of Gregor Mendel. The current Pomeranian is small due to selective breeding, but retains the robustness and coat typical of cold-climate dogs.


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  • bullets Villa – Breeder breeds: Boxers, Pomeranias, pugs, Maltese and Chihuahuas – Afijo: BALASVILLA.
    Contact: Javier Villa – Telephone: 662 676 056 – email: javierbalasvilla@gmail.com, (Murcia)

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