The smoke of tobacco in dogs

It is more than demonstrated the damage that tobacco is not only to those people who smoke, but also to the of his around, los “fumadores pasivos“. It seems logical to think if it is harmful to human beings also it for animals that are close and breathe in the noxious air.

Carolynn MacAllister (University of Oklahoma) He has done studies on the subject of pets in homes of people who smoke, and some very unique conclusions reached, que varían según el tipo de animal del que se trate. Mouth cancer is more common in those cats who are in places where there is smoking, and it is much greater when these cats lead five years living with smokers. There is an explanation of the why this type of cancer in cats is most common: so habits have of licking the skin. This suggests that the beagles should not walk very far, because they also have the usual acuciada of lick their feet to keep them clean. This gesture makes the animal to expose the mucosa of the mouth to harmful substances found in their fur, de ahí este tipo de cáncer.

In a study by the University of Colorado, demonstrates that nasal tumor is more common in dogs living in households of smokers, in those who do smoke-free places. It is more likely in addition if the dog is a large nasal system (long snout) as they accumulate more carcinogenic, While that if they are of shorter snout, they are more exposed to lung cancer. A dog with nasal cancer often die within a year.

Cancer in animals, just as in people, It may be benign or malignant, located in an area or be extended. Es una enfermedad común que también aumenta con la edad, responsible for the deaths of pets with over half of 10 years, the incidence in dogs very similar to the persons to be.

Al menor síntoma o sospecha, It is advisable to take the animal to the vet, If diagnosed in time their cure will be more likely to. Therapies are similar to that carried them to humans.


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