List of longest dogs

The dogs listed as “Verified” they are the ones whose ages have been published in Guinness World Records or in other reliable sources. Those listed as “not verified” they are those whose supposed age is less certainty.

1Bluey07 of June 191014 November 193929 years 160 daysCattle dog, AustraliaAustralia
2Bella197906 September 200828 years 252 daysLabradorUnited Kingdom
3Teddy190806 August 193728 years 218 daysPoodleUnited States
4Max09 August 1983Live27 years 298 daysTerrierUnited States
5Bramble01 September 197531 March 200327 years 211 daysBorder CollieUnited Kingdom
6Adjutant14 August 193620 November 196327 years, 98 daysLabradorUnited Kingdom
7Butch1975200327 years, a dayBeagleUnited States
8MiniusRescued 16 of January 1985Live26 years 138 daysMestizoPoland
9Pusuke01 April 1985Live26 years, 63 days?Japan
10Smokey18 of January 1986Live25 years 136 daysShih TzuUnited States
11Sugar18 August 195213 August 197724 years 360 days?United States
12Piccolo01 October 198726 of December 201023 years, 86 daysMestizoItaly
13Chanel06 may 198828 August 200921 years 114 daysDachshundUnited States
14Otto14 February 198914 of January 201020 years 334 daysDachshund-Terrier CruzeUnited Kingdom
15Heidi12 of January 1991Live20 years 142 daysDachshundUnited States

Unverified dogs live longer:

1Chilla01 March 1952198432 years, 12 daysLabrador and Australia won CruzeAustralia
2Jerry1983Live27 years 276 daysMestizoAustralia
3Penny1984Live27 years 153 daysBernese mountain dogGermany
4Ned1987Live24 years 138 days?New Zealand
5One01 of January 1988Live23 years 153 daysAmerican Cocker SpanielUnited States
6Ebby07 1987August 201023 years, 61 daysPastorUnited Kingdom
7Gracie1988Live22 years 155 daysCairn Terrier CruzeUnited Kingdom
8BillyDecember 1988Live22 years 154 daysYorkshire TerrierUnited Kingdom
9Scruff20 of January 1989Live22 years 134 daysOf mixed raceUnited Kingdom
10Bertie29 of January 1989Live22 years 125 daysTibetan Terrier crossUnited Kingdom
11Lulu1989Live22 years, 97 daysBeagle cruzeUnited Kingdom
12Jerry08 July 198806 of June 201022 years, 29 daysGerman ShepherdCanada
13Fergie1989201021/22 yearsYorkshire TerrierUnited States
14Molly13 August 198902 February 201121 years 173 daysPomeraniaUnited States
15JD1989Live21 years 155 days?New Zealand
16Paco Sosa05 September 198912 February 201020 years 160 daysDachshundUnited States
17Midge01 September 1990Live20 years 275 days?United States

Source: wilkipedia

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