The dog Lukanikos, one of the ' people’ of the year for ' Time’

The Greek dog has not lost a protest since the onset of the crisis and is the ' terror’ of the riot

Lukanikos, the dog ' person of the year’ Time Time magazine

Barcelona. (Drafting).- In the Special issue magazine Time to the person of the yearor, to this occasiondedicated to The demonstrator, There is a profile that stands out: among the protagonists of the arabean spring, of occupy Wall Street or the 15 m has crept the of thedog Lukanikos.

What has this Greek stray dog done to deserve this homage?? It turns out that Lukanikos - which in Greek means sausage- He is the bravest can of Athens. The cute animal has not missed a single demonstration since the start of the crisis inGreece. East ' anti-system dog’ cinnamon and good-natured face color not intimidated before riot police or to the tear-gas and always remains vigilant to protect to thedemonstrators. Proof of this are his constant appearances in the photographs of the international press: running between the fire, barking to a column of riot, picking up tear gas canisters…

The ' pet’ Greek protests rose to fame in May last year when the British newspaper The Guardian a collection of photographs published in of his achievements. Des then this stray dog hascounts on Twitter, profile at Factbook,various groups of fans and, now, honored to be considered one of the people of the year. It is not bad.

Via: LaVanguardia

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