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A dog, the Welsh Corgi race, survives a snow avalanche and appears four days later at a Montana motel (USA)

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Raza Corgi galés
Welsh CORGI called Ole - Photo by Natasha Baydakova, AP

A dog that was feared to have died after being swept away by an avalanche of snow and who killed his owner, appeared four days later at a Montana motel, where their owners had spent the night before going skiing off-piste.

Members of a rescue team assumed the dog had been buried by the snow avalanche after a meticulous search without finding any sign to the contrary..

La sorpresa fue cuando cuatro días después del accidente Ole, que así se llama el perro, He appeared exhausted and hungry in the motel, four kilometres from where the event occurred. Was the owner of the motel who observed the canine hero, sitting in front of his bedroom window, looking through the window.

Dave Gaillard of Bozeman was skiing with his wife when the avalanche occurred, close to Cooke City, a former mining town on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park. “Sus últimas palabras fueron “Retreat to the trees”. “Creo que vio lo que venía de arriba, and I did not see”, Kerry Corcoran Gaillard told a local newspaper.

A member of the rescue team carried the exhausted dog family Bozeman.

Investigadores recuperaron el cuerpo de Gaillard días después.

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