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The dog learned to stand and walk on their hind legs

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Walking seemed like an impossible task when this little dog was born without its two front legs..
But thanks to its proprietary Dian Dian, he overcame his disability and learned to walk.
The little dog now spends his days jogging around town due to his owner's perseverance..

CEN Lan who lives in Nanning, capital of Guangxi, to the South of China, It adopted the then puppy six years ago.

The mascot of a neighbor gave birth to six puppies, and one of them was surprisingly born without front paws.
“He was one of six puppies in the litter in which the five healthy ones were adopted., leaving it alone,” explained.
“I could read in his eyes that he was disappointed and was looking forward to walking.”
“Then I took it without hesitation.”

According to Cen Lan, Dian Dian initially moved by crawling on the ground, push your body forward with the hind legs.
But Cen Lan was determined to help the dog overcome his disability.
I had a plan to help Dian Dian use their hind legs.
“I offered him food to train him to stand up., not even enduring a second”, explained.
Little by little Dian Dian enduring longer on their hind legs, until they made their first steps forward.

Since then there has been nothing to stop you and happy wanders around your home, as well as around the city.
When it becomes too tired by the effort Cen Lan raises it and puts it in her handbag for the return trip home.


The couple is now inseparable and its owner has developed for Dian Dian a small skirt to play with her pants. “He is part of my life and my happy companion.” Adds Cen Lan

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