The story of a dog guide that takes care of a great Dane blind

When illness forced vets draw our eyes to Lily, a great Dane, prospects of life it seemed not very good. But nobody had that his friend Maddison would intervene as guide a dog for her.

The couple has been inseparable for years, but now faced with a problem: looking for a new home that its owner and cannot be responsible for them.

This becomes more difficult, Therefore if anyone is interested in the great Dane, know that it is not only. Can not really be separated. They have since July waiting for someone to take them.

Louise Campbell, the Dogs Trust re-homing Centre Manager, in Shrewsbury, the Shropshire County town, England, United Kingdom, Maddison was the dog guide to Lily. If you are outside the House, Maddison her direct and the tap to indicate where to go. It says that it is very poignant veils, and the way in which Maddison takes care of Lily.

Lily, It is now six years, She was hit when he was a puppy, the accident damaged his eyeball irreparable way. It was then when Maddison, It currently has seven years, he approached her and they have had a very special relationship.

Best friends lived together until their owners decided that not they could continue watching them.

Losing your sight, Lily has developed other ways to know when Maddison is near. They sleep together, and they understand very well their barking, they are different from the ordinary. They get along very well and enjoy its mutual company. I hope someone takes them both!!

Do you think??


Via: planetacurioso

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